Who Are We?

WORLD DISABILITIES FOUNDATION"DEV" is a Thinking and Project Organization. It was founded in 2010 and is accredited to the United Nations and is a founding member of the World Disability Union "WDU".


World Disability Foundation DEV

Founded in 2010 on behalf of and for the benefit of people with disabilities, DEV is a think tank and project organization. DEV is the first foundation in Türkiye to be accredited by the United Nations and all of its projects are based on an article of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The DEV team, which cares about the fundamental rights and freedoms of people with disabilities, aims to go beyond the ordinary.

Our Quality Policy

World Disabled People's Foundation is a project organization established in 2010 on behalf of and for the benefit of disabled people. DEV, which aims to expand and develop the boundaries by adhering to the concepts of fundamental rights and freedoms in the field of disability, continues to produce projects that will facilitate the lives of disadvantaged individuals all over the world, starting from Türkiye
  • To manage the World Foundation for Persons with Disabilities, Türkiye's most widespread non-governmental organization in the field of disability, with a participatory, sharing and accountable management approach
  • Creating and regularly reviewing an activity plan to achieve the strategic goals set in line with the Foundation's vision and mission
  • To implement programs that will contribute to the social life of people with disabilities effectively and efficiently at activity points and digital platforms with the support of volunteers
  • To create a well-equipped and competent staff committed to the Foundation's culture, values and ethical principles, to keep employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation high, and to ensure continuous development
  • To establish a sustainable financial structure by improving donor resources and fund management, and to ensure the effective use of resources in accordance with the purpose


First Global Awareness Awards given to DEV

5th Art Without Barriers Awards

6th Art Without Barriers Awards

Project Overcoming Barriers Support Award