Metin ŞENTÜRK, the President of the World Disability Foundation, broke the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Unaccompanied Blind Driver

Guinness World Records Metin Şentürk, the president of the World Disability Foundation, performed the record trial in Şanlıurfa GAP Airport having the longest runway of Turkey under the supervision of a committee for "Guinness Book of Records" from England.

Şentürk, completing the trial run without any difficulty, was oriented by his trainer Volkan ışık with a radio assembly in the helmet from the rear car, celebrated his success by hugging his wife Fulya Şentürk, his trainer Işık and his teammates with tears of joy. Stating that the previous record in this field has been broken by an English visually impaired person in 2005 with a speed of 268 kms, "I can happily say that Metin has broken this record with an average speed of 292.89" said Aleksandr Vypirailenko, the Guinness records officer. this."

Guinness World Records

Vypirailenko also stated; "Congratulations Metin, and registering this as the new Guinness record", then conferred Metin Şentürk his certificate evidencing
The highest speed of Metin Şentürk who had been exercising in Şanlıurfa GAP Airport for eight days to break the record occurred as 303.62 km/h during the record drive.

Why world handicapped union?

Why is there a need for the World Disability Union? The number of persons with disabilities in the world reaches 2 billion together with family members of the persons with disabilities.

Disability is surely one of the most common issues of humanity, 1/4 of the world has advanced with regards to improvements and advancements of rights of persons with disabilities however the rest of the world still lagged behind in perception and implementation of such conditions.

While worldwide organizations have been established in many other fields such as financial, sports, health and environment; the "persons with disabilities" who form the largest minority group of the world is not be represented strongly on a global level.




Dear persons with disabilities and friends of persons with disabilities,

In the name of the World Disability Foundation, I would like to begin by thanking all of you who have contributed in any way to the developments that have been carried out for persons with disabilities, in our country and in the world in general.

The World Disability Foundation is an organisation established in the name of and for the benefit of persons with disabilities The founders of the World Disability Foundation are figures well-known in Turkey and have granted their names, hearts and contributions to our Foundation and made its existence possible..


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